RogueKiller 13.1

Detects and removes rogues and other generic malware programs from your PC
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Rogues, rootkits, worms, Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), and Potentially Unwanted Modifications (PUMs) may harm your computer in a variety of ways. RogueKiller has been designed to identify and remove specifically all of these threats by scanning all files on your computer at a deep level. You can set it to perform its scans periodically and automatically to keep your computer always free from malware attacks.

Note that RogueKiller is not the type of antivirus software tool that we usually install on our PCs to prevent threats and viruses from entering our computer – this is a program to identify and remove already existing threats (of the types listed above) by scanning your drives on a periodic basis. You can choose among three types of scans when using the program for the first time – a Standard Scan, a Quick Scan, or a Custom Scan.

The differences between these three types lie in the areas that the program will analyze in search of possible threats. The Standard Scan will look for rogues and other malware in the usual malware locations, in advanced malware locations (such as the WMI, or the Deep Registry), and will also perform a Rootkit Scan. The Quick Scan will limit its search to the most common malware locations, and the Custom Scan will let you choose which of these areas or locations you want the program to scan. I tried the Standard Scan to review this tool, and judging by the time it took it to scan a small hard drive on a laptop, it does take its search very seriously.

You are provided with both a short summary of the threats found and a more extensive one. The former will tell you the file name, the type of threat (PUP, for instance), while the latter will open on a larger window and will give you more extensive information about those same threats, classifying them by type (processes, services, system files...) and the area they are located (WMI, hosts, web browsers...). Once you’ve learned all about the threats found, you can ask the program to remove the checked ones for you in one single operation.

RogueKiller comes with a couple of other interesting tools to add an extra layer of protection to your PC. MalPE Module (still in beta) is a heuristics module that looks for unknown malware executables, while UCheck Mini-Scan will tell you if you happen to have outdated software on your computer.

RogueKiller is a free tool that can identify, locate, and remove a number of malware threats. There is a Premium version that adds full support and automatic software and signature updates, while users of the free version are required to update both manually. This malware detection tool is an excellent addition to your antivirus software program, a tool you can always fall back to whenever you suspect that your antivirus solution has failed to stop the threat on time.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Comes with various themes
  • Can be set to scan your drives automatically
  • Provides useful information about PUPs
  • Offers periodical software and signature updates


  • Takes a while to scan a small hard drive
  • The free version is loaded with ads
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